How to Install Roll Roofing on a Shed

how to install roll roofing on a shed

If you’re planning to install roll roofing on a shed, you will want to consider the proper weather conditions. You should avoid cold weather, as roll roofing becomes brittle when cold. If you’re installing it outside, warm the roofing by placing it inside your garage for a day or so. If you’re installing it inside your shed, the weather should not be a problem, but if you’re installing it on a cold day, be careful.

First, prepare the roof deck. Make sure it’s completely flat and free from debris. The roof deck should be dry before you install roll roofing. Otherwise, it could tear easily. It’s best to use 7/16″ OSB for the shed roof deck. Also, install a metal drip edge along the eaves and rake edges. Then, place the roll roofing. You can use this to cover the seams.

After you’ve chosen a suitable roll roofing material, prepare the roof deck. You must remove all obstructions before you begin. Remember that roll roofing is brittle and can easily tear if it touches an uneven surface. If your shed roof deck has moisture, it’s best to apply lap cement first. If you don’t have OSB, you can choose a different type of roll roofing to cover this area.

Before tackling the roll roofing, you need to measure the length and width of the roof. If you’re unsure of the exact measurements of the roof, ask a friend to help you. A rectangular or square roof is easier to measure. Take the width and length of the roof, and then multiply those numbers to get the desired size. After the length and width of the roof are determined, it’s time to install the roll roofing.

If you’re installing roll roofing on a shed, you’ll need to be careful while doing the installation. You should prepare the roof deck before you begin. Ensure that it’s dry and free of any obstacles. If there is any moisture on the roof deck, roll roofing will tear or split. When you install roll roofing, you should use a seven-tenth-inch OSB as the foundation of the roof. You should also install a metal drip edge along the eaves and rake edges for extra protection.

Regardless of the type of roll roofing you’re using, you should make sure to measure up the eaves and the length of the roof. You should measure up to 35 inches, and mark them with a chalk line. Laying the roll roofing on uneven surfaces is dangerous because the material can tear easily. Always make sure that the roof deck is dry before installing roll roofing on a shed. In addition, you should place metal drip edges along the eaves and rake edges.