How to Do Roofing Shingles

Learning how to do roofing shingles is a great way to learn how to cover a roof. It will save you time and money, too. This simple step will give you the skills needed to complete this project. You will need to know how to lay a square of felt paper. The first step is to place the felt paper over the peak of the roof. It is important to have enough felt to cover the entire surface.

how to do roofing shingles

To do this, cut a half tab off the left edge of the gable roof. Next, you will need to turn full-sized shingles with tabs facing upward and nail them to the gable roof. To set the first row, use a chalk line drawn on the gable roof. The second row should be set back a half tab from the first row. You can then set up the second row, following the same method as before.

If you have a ridge, measure down to the shingles at the end of each row. The ridge should be about five to six inches wide. You must stagger the rows of shingles so that the overlaps are evenly spaced. It is also important to make sure that the last row of shingle row is the same size on both sides of the ridge. You don’t need to have the same size shingles on the gable, though, because the last row is usually the smallest.

Once the shingles are in place, you need to put on the roofing gun. It should have an adjustable guide so that the shingles are evenly spaced. Then, you need to put the next shingle on top of the first one. When you’ve done this, you will need to lay the second row of shingles. Always place the nails at least two inches vertically above the nails. After you have installed the first row, you will have to place the shingles in place.

Start with the first row of shingles. You should use six roofing nails in high-wind areas. Otherwise, you should use four roofing nails per shingle. If you’re installing the shingles yourself, you should apply them to the ridge and the gable, leaving about 5 inches of overlapping space on each side. Afterwards, you should apply the last row of shingles. Ensure that the shingles are evenly spaced so that they’ll cover the nailing.

The next step of the process is laying the shingles. Remember to check the alignment of each shingle before you install it. Some shingles have a special nailing zone. These are usually woven from both sides of the valley. These are the best options for low-pitch roofs, because they won’t wash away debris from the shingle. If you’re installing shingles, you should always follow the manufacturers’ requirements.