Simple Steps on How to Install Metal Roofing Over Plywood

You might wonder why you would need to use metal roofing over plywood. If you desire your new modern roof to appear modern, think about installing a metal roof. Metal is viewed these days as an intelligent roofing solution, judging from the rapid growth of its market share. And if you have the budget for one, you will see its many benefits.

But how to install metal roofing over plywood, especially if you are just beginning to consider this as an alternative to traditional roofs? It can be a challenging task at first, since metal roofs are not so easy to install. The first step in this process is to prepare the roof for installation. To do this, you must prepare the ground properly, making sure that it is level and clean of debris. Prepare the nails and the screws also; if you do not know how to do this, get some help from a friend or from any reliable references in the line of work.

The second step on how to install metal roofing over plywood is to measure the area where the roof will be laid. This is especially important when you are choosing the right size of the panels for your house, because your chosen panel size will determine how much you pay for the roofing materials. When the area has been prepared, you can start digging up the ground and preparing the panels for installation. Make sure that your panels are laid straight and flat on the ground; if they are not level, it will be difficult to fix them later on.

Once you have the panels ready for installation, you have to take care of the edges. Smooth out the edges using a putty knife so that they do not become sharp edges when the rains come. If your panels are already blunt, use an electric sander to make the edge smooth again. It is now time to hammer the nails into the roofing materials and secure them firmly. Make sure that the nails hit the right spots before tightening the connections, otherwise, it will cause damage to the roofing materials and the roof itself.

The third step on how to install metal roofing over plywood is to secure the roofing materials to the ground securely. You can use wood stakes or steel brackets to do so. Once the edges are smoothed out, apply pressure to each panel until it snaps into place. You may need to backslide some panels if you are installing over cracks or crevices.

For those who prefer doing the installation themselves, they can purchase a do-it-yourself kit. There are also available pre-fabricated metal roof panels in hardware stores. However, if you prefer to save time and get the job done right, then you can hire a contractor to install metal roof panels over plywood at your house.