What Does Re-Roofting Mean?

What does re-roofing mean? It is a general term that is used to describe any type of repair to a roof. It may be minor issues such as pulling up a leak or replacing a damaged shingle, or it can be major repairs like replacing a completely damaged membrane. The term re-roofing is usually used in association with repairing roofs of residential homes and businesses. In this case the repair would be done in order to make the roof as strong as possible in order to prevent future leaks.

Other terms that are commonly interchanged with re-roofing include roof replacement, roofing installation, or roof cleaning. When talking about a roof replacement or roof installation, it is important to remember that there are many variations of the term. The goal of roofing installation is typically to replace damaged or failing shingles, but some roofs need to be replaced completely, while others only need to be cleaned or repaired.

There are a number of factors that determine when re-roofing should be completed. These include the location of the roof, size and shape of the roof, the degree of damage, and the age and condition of the roof. Many companies will not recommend that a complete roof replacement be performed unless it is necessary due to extreme weather conditions. However, there are instances where a re-roofing procedure would be beneficial for an existing roof.

One factor that is usually overlooked is the possibility of future leaks. Regardless of the quality of the roof itself, if it is standing in poor weather, leaks are likely to occur. Over time, these leaks can weaken the roof and make it more susceptible to leaking. A simple test can be performed to determine the extent of a potential leak. By using a measuring tape, the distance between the shingles on a flat roof can be measured and compared with the current shingles on the roof to determine the amount of water leaking.

When performing a re-roofing procedure, a roofing company will often install skylights. Skylights are highly beneficial for any home or business because they allow natural light into the structure of the building, as well as allowing a natural flow of air. This allows the inside of the building to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This also allows the heating and cooling costs of the home to be lower, which is ultimately beneficial to the homeowner. However, this type of re-roofing should not be scheduled until all shingles on the roof have been replaced. If the roofing company is not confident in their ability to perform this procedure, it would be wise to seek out another roofing company.

It is important to understand what reroofing does to the roof and the overall structure. It should also be noted that, when roofing, the process does not include stucco or paint repair. Roofing, however, does require maintenance and repair on a regular basis, especially if the roof is a commercial building. All roofs need maintenance, even ones with a new coat of paint or a fresh sealer applied. In addition to these routine maintenance visits, an owner may want to schedule a re-roofing service at least once a year to give the roof a thorough cleaning. Knowing what does re-roofing mean to the roof ensures that a home or business owner can schedule the necessary cleaning service when necessary, saving the owner money in the long run.