Three Things To Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

When you are doing your research for roofing quotes, there are certain things to ask when getting roofing companies to bid on your project. There is the question of whether or not you will be hiring the actual roofer, or a subcontractor. Sub-contractors cost more but may end up taking the project over and finishing it themselves, which means that you will have to pay for this separately. Asking about whether or not you will have a chance to review their bid is also important. Many companies won’t, and while this can be frustrating, it is the company’s job to know what they are agreeing to, and you need to understand what that entails.

things to ask when getting roofing quotes

Most roofing companies will bid based upon who they believe is best suited to handle their job. This means that some will only work with licensed, bonded, insured contractors, while others will hire both sub-contractors and regular roofers. Ask a number of questions when interviewing these contractors. Are they going to make sure that their bids include all the necessary inspections? If not, you may be dealing with a roofing company that is inexperienced and not very concerned about whether or not the job is complete.

Once you’ve decided upon a licensed, bonded, insured contractor, you need to find out about their liability insurance. While many roofing companies will offer this to their customers free of charge, there are some that do not, and you need to make sure you get all of the information that you need. Some of the companies that do not carry any form of liability insurance will require you to purchase it on your own. If a roofer does carry liability insurance, it is important that you know exactly what it covers you against, so you are covered if anything should happen while work is being done on your home.

Another thing to ask when getting roofing quotes is who will actually be doing the actual work. Are they just doing the initial estimate and drawings for you? Or will they actually be installing the shingles, changing the tar and gravel, installing the nails, and then removing the old ones? This is important because you want an experienced, trustworthy company working on your house. If the roofing company wants to know who you are, and where you live, then they should already have a great reputation.

The last thing to ask when getting roofing quotes is who will actually be doing the actual repairs on the roof. Will the roofing company just be installing shingles and putting them onto your home, or will they actually be removing the existing roof? If the former is the case, you want a company that has experience in this process, as this will help ensure that the job will be completed quickly and properly.

When getting a quote from a roofing company, there are many other factors to take into consideration. However, above are three of the most important. The more information you have before asking a question, the better your chances will be of getting an accurate answer. Do not feel rushed when asking questions, and always trust the professionals when they are telling you how to fix your roof. Getting a good roofing quote is one of the best ways to make sure you have an expert performing the work.