How To Get A Roofer’s License

how to get a roofing license

How To Get A Roofer’s License

Whether you are doing small projects like replacing shingles on a shed or installing a new roof over your own home, you may be concerned about how to get a roofing license in your area. I’m sure you’re probably wondering what kind of license you will need in order to do the job right. The purpose of this post is to aid in removing some of those hassles, break the rules down into easy steps, and demonstrate how to get a roofing license by yourself. The kind of roofing license that you require will also vary depending upon the task you’re doing.

I’m going to assume upfront that you know nothing about what it actually takes to get licensed in your state. That being said, a quick review: If you’re a competent roofer, you’ve probably done this before so no real information is required. On the other hand, if you’ve never done any kind of work with roofs before, then you’ll probably have to get some training. This will include learning about building codes, how to inspect a roof, how to evaluate the quality of materials that you use, how to select a contractor, how to negotiate prices, and other typical aspects of building work.

The most important part of learning how to get a roofer’s license as a roofer is actually acquiring a roofer’s permit. This is basically required in order to work in your state. It also shows that you’ve followed the rules and regulations pertaining to working on roofs, so it provides a great reputation for you in the eyes of employers. In my experience, obtaining the license takes less than a week, but it varies depending on your specific state.

Once you have obtained your license and are employed, you can start looking for jobs. I recommend looking in places like Home Depot, Lowes, or even Menards. These places usually have good relations with the local building department and they can help you find a job pretty easily. Make sure that when you’re applying for jobs that you’re using the same type of name – whether you’re using Bob or Anthony for your job title. This helps the management know that you’re a consistent person, and that you don’t switch names mid-job.

You might also want to do some side work before getting your actual license and before you start applying for roofer’s jobs. I recommend looking into certification programs at your local community college. There are some really good programs out there – ones that are recognized by employers and that will get you a decent salary. You can learn how to install shingles and roof decks and other types of decks, and you can even learn how to inspect them before you leave the shop. You can learn a lot of valuable skills by participating in these programs.

Once you know how to get a roofer’s license, you can start applying for jobs. Just make sure that you’re doing your research ahead of time and that you get as many references and recommendations as possible. A large part of your potential employer’s decision process is your reputation, and if you don’t look good, then you won’t be hired – period. Good luck!